Are you tired of waiting days for an appointment when you are sick?  

Do you get frustrated when you feel like your physician is rushing through your visit?

Has your physician told you that you have to come back for a second visit because you had too many problems to be addressed at one time?

Have you ever avoided calling your doctor because it was 'too late' or because you would have to deal with an on-call physician, nurse, or worse yet, an answering service?

Do You wish that for some problems you could see the doctor from the comfort of your own home?

Then maybe Concierge Services are for you!

For a reasonable yearly fee, Doctor Zahalsky will enroll you in his optional SignatureMD Concierge Program:

  • Limited to 150 patients so that Dr. Zahalsky can give you the extra attention you expect.

  • 'Double length' scheduled appointments - You should never feel rushed and all of your issues should be addressed.

  • Same day guaranteed appointments for acute problems.

  • Highest level preventative screening, including free metabolic drug screening for patients with private insurance.

  • In-depth health research.

  • Direct cell phone access to Dr. Zahalsky 24/7.  You should never have to deal with an answering service - Dr. Zahalsky answers your calls himself, even when he is on vacation!

  • Direct office line for appointment scheduling. No more waiting on hold when you call the office!

  • Telemedicine (Virtual visits using a computer) available only for concierge patients when appropriate.

  • For more information visit our dedicated SignatureMD web site or call our office.

Wouldn't it be great to have a doctor who focused more on your needs than the needs of the insurance companies?